Simplify it!

Edit your attachments directly.

GoEdit - Simplify it

Work faster!

GoEdit - Work faster

Works everywhere!

Edit your attachments directly.

Make attachment editing a one-click task!

GoEdit lets you open and edit every attachment in your Wiki directly with your desktop application.


Save time and improve efficency


Increase user acceptance


Easy to install

Choose your product

Office Integration

GoEdit works like a charm with Microsoft Office.


Works on every operating system, with every browser & software.

Direct Edit

You need only one-click to edit your attachment.

Revision Control

You can always recover your older versions of your attachments.

“GoEdit helped us grow significantly the amount of active users”

“Awesome, it greatly simplifies the process of editing attached files!”

“Super product, finally we don’t need Sharepoint anymore”

“I love this thing. Goodbye, WebDAV…”