General FAQ

1Which operating systems are supported by GoEdit?
All major operating systems are supported (Windows, MacOS, Linux). Please see requirements to get a detailed overview of supported operating systems and versions.
2Which browsers are supported by GoEdit?
All browsers are supported, see see the Requirements for the overview by Editions
3Which programs are supported by GoEdit?
All programs are supported.
4Which file formats are supported by GoEdit?
All file formats are supported.
5Does GoEdit support proxy?
GoEdit Native Edition does setup your proxy automatically, for the Java Edition see this article
6Where do I find the End User License Agreement (EULA) for GoEdit?
7I can´t get GoEdit running in my installation. Where to find help?
Please read our manual - if you cannot find the answer there and you have a valid support subscription, visit our customer service
8I have an issue, what does the support need to help me?
Please notice that support is only available to customers with a valid maintenance subscription for GoEdit.

Visit our customer service to file a ticket.