GoEdit vs. Edit with Atlassian Companion App

GoEdit vs. Edit with Atlassian Companion App

Both tools in comparison

You want an editing tool with an easy company-wide installation and a total safe attachment locking function? You’re searching an intuitive and user-friendly tool? Then GoEdit is the best choice for your users! See for yourself why GoEdit is way better than the Edit with Atlassian Companion App:

Confluence 5.10+ Compatible

While the Edit with App only works with Confluence from version 6.11 and newer, GoEdit also works with productive environments starting from Confluence 5.10 up to the newest version. No need to update your system or adjust your company's workflow. Just stay with your productive environment.

Attachment locking function

GoEdit has a free built-in attachment locking function that protects your documents from concurrent editing. During your editing process nobody else can modify the document accidentally. It's automatically checked out and checked in when you save. The Edit with App doesn't protect files from concurrent editing. You additionally have to buy the quite pricy Arsenale Lockpoint Add-On to avoid the risk of users running in file update conflicts.

User friendly handling

GoEdit is integrated in every important attachment function of Confluence like attachment links, attachment tables, document previews, space attachment list and more. It uses popover-links to offer easy access. Whereby the Edit with App is only integrated at the document preview.

Certified and Terminal Server compatible

While the Edit with App does not work in terminal server environments, GoEdit supports terminal servers like Windows Remote Desktop Services and Citrix XenApp. As an enterprise grade application, GoEdit is also approved and certified by Microsoft SmartScreen, McAffee and Symantec Endpoint Protection.


Compared to the Edit with App, GoEdit offers many extra features. It’s one of Atlassians Top rated Plug-Ins and is establish in many companies because of its high quality and easy handling for their users. Our satisfied customers chose GoEdit already as the proven solution for attachment editing in their Confluence and Jira. GoEdit was made to optimize your daily workflow and as an enterprise grade application also works on terminal servers with multiple desktop sessions.