Compatibility with Jira 7.11.0

July 18, 2018

GoEdit Server for Jira version 5.9.1 released

Compatibility with Jira 7.11.0
June 4, 2018

GoEdit Server for Jira version 5.9.0 released

Features Compatibility with Jira 7.10.0 Removed library that could lead to conflicts with other add-ons
May 7, 2018

GoEdit Server for Jira version 5.8.0 released

Features Always use the user limit of the highest commercial (non-trial) license to determine the maximum number of users of Jira. Compatibility with Jira 7.9.1
January 11, 2018

GoEdit Server for Jira version 5.7.0 released

IMPORTANT NOTE: Please make sure that there are no open GoEdit sessions while applying this update. Bugfixes Fixed bug regarding draft storage for Confluence Data-Center that […]
December 21, 2017

GoEdit Server for Jira version 5.6.2 released

Bugfixes Rebuild GoEdit Confluence Add-On file as the previous release leads to issues in IE 11 and IE Edge.
December 15, 2017

GoEdit Server for Jira version 5.6.1 released

Features The client license can now be set manually on the admin configuration page. Bugfixes Fix improper handling of permissions applied from workflow properties
November 10, 2017

GoEdit Server for Jira version 5.6.0 released

New Features Improved startup timing of new On-Board assistant Bugfixes Fix invalid license handling if there is only a Jira Service Desk license available. Fix parsing […]
September 11, 2017

GoEdit Server for Jira version 5.5.0 released

GoEdit – New Assistance Guide for First Time Users New Features A new assistant supports first time users getting started with GoEdit Bugfixes Fixed Null Pointer […]
February 9, 2017

New Windows Installer Package (MSI) available for GoEdit

The new Windows Installer Package (MSI) allows automatic mass deployment of GoEdit on all computers via central Group Policies. Key features of Windows Installer Package (MSI) GoEdit for […]
January 10, 2017

GoEdit for JIRA integrates Smart Attachments

GoEdit from now on integrates with Smart Attachments, an attachment management tool developed by StiltSoft – making the handling of attachments even faster and clearer. Key features […]