GoEdit 6 with new Locking / Check-in & Out functionality released

by | October 25, 2018

GoEdit 6 focused on the ‘Locking’ functionality, making it more convenient to manage attachment locks system-/ and space-wide in Confluence.



  • Administer ‘Attachment locks’ via popover: You can now remove your own ‘Attachment locks’ anytime by hover over an attachment and press “Click to unlock” – that’s it!
  • Check-In & -Out of Attachments: GoEdit now supports manual Check-In and Check-Out of attachments (plays nice with Arsenale Lockpoint too)
  • Space-based administration of ‘Attachment locks’: A new Space-Tool helps space administrators to overview all ‘Attachment Locks’ in their spaces. (Space Tools -> GoEdit Locks)
  • System-wide administration of ‘Attachment locks’: Shows all ‘Attachment locks’ present system-wide and lets system admins remove specific locks. (Configuration -> Administration -> GoEdit Locks)


  • Ensure proper unlocking on cancel
  • Sanitised logs to exclude unneeded debug information with wrong severity