GoEdit Add-On for Atlassian Confluence (Server)

Make attachment editing in Confluence a one-click task!

GoEdit lets you open and edit file attachments directly with your desktop application

  • Improve efficiency in your Atlassian Confluence Wiki
  • Increase user acceptance and save time
  • Edit every attachment type
  • Works with all Browsers (Windows, OS X, Linux)

Improve your company with GoEdit!


Finally replace your legacy file server

Find and edit your files with GoEdit similar to your file servers. Keep track of even a high variety of files with the straighforward search function. Get rid of old and chaotic structures from your server with GoEdit!

Get all your professional Veterans on board!

Expert veterans often are very skilled with their common programs. A shift to a new system like Drupal Wiki seems very often nonessential for them. With GoEdit your users will be able to use all Office-programms from Microsoft, LibreOffice and OpenOffice to work with in your Confluence like they are used to.


Fast Updating

Easy updating of documents, excel sheets and presentations with one click. With GoEdit, you can change small passages or whole paragraphs right immediately in your Confluence.


Ongoing recording

It doesn't matter if there is a workplan, document or just a new thought for your mindmap, you can easily add it into your files with GoEdit in no time. You or your colleagues have a spontaneous idea for a presentation or want to update a task? With GoEdit you can use the same data easily and directly in your Conluence.


Many ways to edit

Edit all your data where and how you want with GoEdit. No matter if it is a file in your attachements or if it is directly inserted in your Confluence.


Always up to date

With GoEdit you'll never have doubts, if you're using the updated version. With the direct and fast editing in your Confluence, you'll always find the actual version online. No more complex data hierarchies or chaos with different versions!


Easy integration into your company

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Atlassian Confluence specific FAQ

1 Which Confluence versions are supported by GoEdit?
Please see requirements for supported Confluence versions.
2Which attachment integrations in Confluence does GoEdit support?
GoEdit supports the following attachment integrations:
  • Regular attachment link within contents (Confluence Attachment Links)
  • Attachments on Confluence blog posts
  • Confluence attachment table
  • Direct documentview (Word/Excel) within a Confluence document
  • Single document previews of Word/Excel/Powerpoint contents
  • Embedded attachment-table-macros (attachment lists) (Confluence 5.1+ only)
  • Space Attachments list (Space tools) (Confluence 5.7+ only)
  • Thumbnail-file macro (Confluence 5.7+ only)
  • Space Attachments list (Space tools) (Confluence 5.7+ only)
  • Bob Swift "Excel for Confluence" (Confluence 5.10+ only)
3I can´t get GoEdit running in my Confluence installation. Where to find help?
Please read how to troubleshoot and fix your installation.
4More questions?
Please see the full FAQ section
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