GoEdit Confluence Data Center & Server version 8.0 released

by | March 25, 2022



  • GoEdit Client must be updated to version 3.x

With this release all customers must upgrade their GoEdit Clients installed on their PC/Mac to 3.x (https://goedit.drupal-wiki.com/#book_content:187) – this can be rolled out via GPO or interactively via the user. Users are notified when trying to use GoEdit automatically.


Downgrade option

If you yet cannot upgrade to GoEdit Client 3.x yet, but you accidentally upgraded the GoEdit app to 8.0.0, you can safely downgrade to the GoEdit App version 7.2.2 to be compatible with the old Client 1.x. Please be aware, for Data-Center customers, this usually will make the GoEdit client incompatible with the license and should not be considered.