GoEdit Jira Data Center & Jira Server version 7.0.5 released

by | September 16, 2020


Important changes

  • Only Jira versions from 7.6.17 and higher are supported
  • Only Internet Explorer 11, Microsoft Edge Chromium, Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Opera are supported (see requirements)


  • Support for Jira Data Center
  • Using new Jira APIs and events
  • New optional GoEdit Native Client version 3.0 with updated Qt, dependencies and OpenSSL
  • Update and polished UI
  • New Cprime Power Scripts for Jira integration (more infos)
  • Frontend events for Jira are now triggered for better integration with 3rd Party addons and Jira itself


  • Fix for user profiles when viewing checkouts/locks of other users
  • Better history entries without broken link in “Old Value”