New Arsenale Lockpoint Integration for GoEdit for Confluence Server

by | December 15, 2016

In addition to the free build-in attachment checkout and locking functionality of GoEdit, you can now also run GoEdit with your Arsenale Lockpoint functionality.

Feature Highlights

  • Lockpoint’s locking and unlocking functions are seamlessly integrated into GoEdit
  • GoEdit “Edit attachment” function locks files in Arsenale Lockpoint automatically
  • “Save” & “Cancel” within the GoEdit dialog automatically unlock Lockpoint file locks
  • GoEdit file locks are displayed by Arsenale Lockpoint’s regular user interface

More to come – the future!
Future releases of GoEdit will extend checkout and locking functionality so you don´t have to buy Arsenale Lockpoint as a separate plugin.


Planned features are:

  • System wide checkout and locking of all Confluence and JIRA attachments
  • Users can manually check-in /-out attachments
  • Checkout and locking of further 3rd party contents (Gliffy, Lucidcharts etc.)